We Make Creative VR Experiences

VITEI BACKROOM is an award-winning game studio that focuses on creative and unique VR experiences. We've been developing VR games since 2013, and we're proud of our experience and ability to deliver VR entertainment which makes the most of the medium. Read more about us...


Our Projects


Paper Valley

Paper Valley is our first original VR game release. Originally titled "Paper Garden", Paper Valley began as a short 5 week prototype, and grew into an expansive 2 hour VR adventure game. It places you in a desolate world overrun by an ancient blight. Your aim is to rejuvenate the land by befriending the native paper planes, and using them to break down the mysterious monoliths responsible for the decay.

Get it now for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam or the Oculus Store and follow @PaperValleyVR on Twitter for news and updates.

Awarded "Famitsu Media Highlight Award" at BitSummit 2017 Japan


A Tiny Escape

A Tiny Escape is a two-player prototype VR game we created in 5 weeks. One player takes the role of a tiny alien who must escape the laboratory of a gigantic robot scientist controlled by player two. Elements of stealth gameplay and tense exploration are brought together with this surreal size contrast to make a truly unusual and memorable VR experience.

Awarded "Excellence in Experimental" at BIC Fest 2016 Korea


The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

Developed for Sony PSVR, Modern Zombie Taxi Co. is a fast action VR driving game with rag-doll zombie passengers. It features a bright stylised art aesthetic, many ground-breaking VR features, and a keen sense of humour.

Awarded "Vermilion Gate Award" at BitSummit 2014 Japan

Meet the Team

VITEI BACKROOM is home to a small, but broadly international team that shares a diverse range of experience in game development and design. Originally a prototyping experiment of its parent company VITEI, the Backroom has won numerous awards for its innovative and charismatic game designs. We are based in Kyoto Japan.

Giles Goddard

Giles Goddard


Executive Director,
Magnanimous Leadership


Chris McLaughlin

Chris McLaughlin


Design Lead, Programming,
Cool-Headed Wisdom


Peter Traylor

Peter Traylor


Game Design, 3D Art,
Overwhelming Charisma


Jetha Chan

Jetha Chan


Business Development,
Jargon Juggling


Therese Pierrau

Therése Pierrau


3D Art, Illustration,
Wild Imagination


Hero Liao

Hero Liao


3D Art, Animation,
Movement Mastery


Mihoko Terao

Mihoko Terao


寺尾 美帆子
Pro Office Organiser


Pauline Machabert

Pauline Machabert


Pastries and Delicacies


Alex May

Alex May


Audio, Project Management,
Unpopular Opinions



代表取締役Giles Goddard ジャイルズ・ゴダード
住所〒604-8202 京都府京都市中京区衣棚通姉小路下る突抜町129番地
営業時間10:00-19:00 (土日祝日休)


任天堂にてスーパーファミコン「スターフォックス」や「ワイルドトラックス」、ニンテンドウ 64「スーパーマリオ64」や「テン・エイティ スノーボーディング」の開発に参加。

2016年株式会社ヴィテイの子会社として、株式会社VITEI BACKROOMを設立